Loan without registration – where can I get one?

The registration obligation has been the subject of social and political discussions for several years. Since then, its legitimacy has been debated and attempts are being made to eliminate it. Unfortunately, this could not be done and this time – in 2018 the registration obligation still exists. What happens to people who do not have such a report, although they are not homeless? And in that case can they get a loan or credit?

No report without consequences

Lifting the registration requirement is for some citizens depriving them of the possibility of free movement. As for the state’s point of view, abolishing this would lead to a loss of control – not necessarily over citizens, but administrative control.

The list of residents registered is important for budget planning and local government investments, such as creating the right number of kindergartens, nurseries, schools and clinics. In addition, the number of councilors, the budget and the voting system are determined based on the number of people registered in the local government unit.

Therefore, the obligation to report applies to all those who spend at least 3 months in one place of residence. It is also possible to submit a check-in via the Internet, although this service is only available to people who have an electronic signature or have a free trusted profile. There are no consequences for failing to report, unlike many other European countries.

The report reduces the risk of the lending institution

In the case of loan companies and other institutions, having a registered address is a kind of security against non-payment of liabilities and the possibility of enforcement. Lack of registration means, first and foremost, the borrower’s elusiveness – prompts and notifications are usually sent to the debtor’s address of residence, but in the case of court proceedings and subsequent enforcement proceedings, a lengthy and tedious procedure of determining the debtor’s actual place of residence related to the report may be necessary. Therefore, most lenders and some lenders refuse to grant financing to a person who does not have a registration.

Where can I get a loan without registration?

Getting to the information about a loan without a check-in in the traditional FAQ section is not an easy task – on a national scale, not many people have a check-in, so this is not a burning issue that needs to be clarified. In addition, there is still a belief that a report blocks almost all the possibilities – and this is not the case, even if we want to conclude a contract for the provision of services. Moreover, sometimes guidelines regarding the conditions to be met if funding is to be obtained does not clearly indicate that the registration must be carried, although this can be interpreted in this way. In this way, we can meet the requirement for “permanent residence in Poland”, and not “registration in Poland” – it is very ambiguous.