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The personal payday loans for the disabled are promoted, the National Association of Disabled Italians, which every year stipulates agreements with credit institutions and companies that allow the disbursement of the required capital according to the possibilities of the funds allocated and the economic and personal situation applicant, by associating a reduced interest rate and a personalized repayment plan to his net monthly salary or pension, which allows the subject not to run into financial difficulties or insolvency.

The objective of the association is to include the disabled in a process of social inclusion, also through the financing of personal and family expenses.

General characteristics of the payday loans

General characteristics of the payday loans

To benefit from personal payday loans for the disabled it is necessary to pay an annual membership fee of 25 euros to the Executive Council of the National Association of Disabled Italians. personal payday loans for the disabled are intended for disabled people who can demonstrate the percentage of their disability by means of a medical certificate, in order to buy medical equipment and other useful means to provide concrete help to the applicant and his family, as they can be stays at specialized facilities for assistance to the disabled; they can reach the maximum payable amount of 30000 euros to be repaid with a 60-month amortization plan.

For large families or people with disabilities in economic difficulty.

The personal loan can reach 6000 euros, with a 4% Taeg, a monthly payment of 500 euros with a repayment period of 12 months. On the other hand, provides for the provision of a subsidized interest rate capital for the purchase of goods and services up to an amount of € 30000, to be repaid in a maximum period of 60 months, based on the law 104 of 1992.

Finance personal or family expenses

family expenses

To access the loan for the purchase of your first home, varying the capital according to your spending needs and with a subsidized interest rate for a TAEG of the 2.98%, with an amortization period of a maximum of 12 months, or a Taeg of 3.07% with amortization of 60 months.

The amount payable can range from 2000 euros to 15000 euros. The fixed one-year IRS rate, added to the spread, is 1% for payments of up to 2000 euros for holidays and stays in structures specialized in assistance to disabled people, of 1% fixed to 5 years for payments of up to 10,000 euros for the purchase of hardware and software for the disabled, of 1% fixed for 5 years up to € 15,000 for the purchase of special cars for the disabled or for the purchase of specific equipment for the disabled.

Financing the costs of purchasing goods and services for consumption

Financing the costs of purchasing goods and services for consumption

Such as cars, motorcycles, stays at facilities for disabled people, purchase of cars for the disabled; the maximum amount payable is 25,000 euros, to be repaid in 60 months maximum, with a rate of 1.25% and receipt of the loan by check sent.

The IRS rate is calculated on the average of what was stated by the “Letter” method, sometimes replaced by other specific reference indices for loans in the case of the fixed rate, to which is added the spread to determine the interest rate;  instead concerns the variable interest rate. Both are currently at an all-time low for each type of loan, even if the fixed rate is slightly higher, especially in the case of mortgage loans.

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Bank loan 100% online Tue, 26 Mar 2019 23:35:05 +0000 The beginning of this partnership was in December 2016, with the purpose of offering clients not only one more partner to increase the chances of receiving a possible credit approval, but also to provide the best loan conditions in addition to all the security of Bank .

Bank loan 100% online

Bank loan

You simulate the value and installments of your personal credit, send your documents to the analysis of your profile and receive confirmation of your approved, unsolicited offer.

  • What is the difference of Bank?

     The great differential of this partner is speed in receiving your credit response in up to 5 minutes and still close all the contracting of the loan online, that’s right, thanks to this cooperation with Bank it became faster to borrow 100% online. This happens thanks to the integrated system between The Lender and the Bank, where after choosing the Bank offer your documents are analyzed directly and you sign the contract securely and completely online.

  • How does the Bank loan work?

    How does the Bank loan work?

  • The minimum loan amount is R $ 1000 and the maximum amount is R $ 24 thousand, with Bank you can install your loan in up to 24 months. To pay your bills is even easier, since this partner offers bank cards, can also pay via Internet Bank, direct at the bank or even in lottery houses. This partnership only has to grow more and more, all this so that our customers are more and more satisfied with all the services offered in The Lender.
  • Why is it worth choosing a 100% online loan from Bank?

    The Lender is always committed to finding the best banks and financial institutions so our customers can get more interest rate options and more chances of getting credit approval. In this way more profiles are accepted, and the client can find a safe loan online, and for always focusing on great partners the Bank could not be left out, and now it is an important ally for more Brazilians to get the much dreamed loan. Besides being able to count on a service 100% online, being able to make your request from wherever you are without having to go to the bank and face long lines. With this partnership you can do everything online, without leaving your home to send your documents or even to sign the contract. Here at The Lender you can do it all in the blink of an eye, in the comfort of your home.

  • How can I apply for my 100% online loan from Bank ?

    How can I apply for my 100% online loan from Bank ?

  • Just make a credit application here on our website and you can get the answer in a few minutes and get all your projects out of the way. The easiest way for you to realize your dreams! With the loan 100% online you will no longer have to face your manager in the bank while trying to borrow your loan, here you can do everything for your phone without wasting time.
  • Is Bank reliable?

    Is Bank reliable?

  • Our partner Bank is a financial institution recognized for its commitment to improve the credit service throughout Brazil, always seeking to facilitate the life of its clients and persist in maintaining its quality in service and resolution of financial problems of consumers .

    Currently, there are 2 million clients and the Bank’s goal is to expand even more by keeping the focus on their love of serving and transforming the credit market into something simpler and more affordable.

  • Does the Bank or The Lender charge any early fees?

    Remembering that both The Lender and Bank do not charge any amount in advance, ie the client only starts to pay any amount only after receiving the money in their bank account. Because of this the partner is not responsible for fraudulent sites, whenever any company charges any amount in advance contact us from The Lender or even with our partner Bank, so you can get all your doubts at once, avoiding bigger future headaches. So do not forget, if any company asks for any money up front either for guarantor fee, notary fees or any other type of payment, be wary. The Lender and their partners never ask for any amount in advance.

  • Why choose a Bank loan?

    Why choose a Bank loan?

  • Bank is a financial institution recognized for its three pillars, which are: tradition, solidity and trust. Where it is always in search of innovating its internal systems and transforming excellence in people. The does not have any physical agency, thus having the services of attending to its clients by its corresponding banking partners throughout the country.
  • What is the mission of Bank ?

    Your main mission is always to guarantee your clients the best experience when applying for a loan, we know that borrowing money is a dilemma for many people, and Bank can turn this step into something simpler and faster, showing your customer the best interest rate conditions we have currently on the market, all in a record time. Without spending the time of the client, and always helping in all trajectory until you get the money in your account and realize your dreams.


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Real estate loan: what is a bond company for? Sun, 24 Mar 2019 23:08:51 +0000

To benefit from a bank loan, it is essential to be able to justify its solvency. Even before validating your loan application, the bank will ask several questions: that of your contribution, your level of resources, but also that of your available income each month. And to ensure that you can repay your monthly payments, the bank will require a guarantee, namely a mortgage or a deposit. For this last case, beyond the close entourage, it is possible to appeal to a specialized company.

What is the role of the surety company?

What is the role of the surety company?

A surety company undertakes, when an acquirer makes a credit, to repay the monthly payments if the borrower is no longer able to pay . Subsequently, to recover the sums paid to the lending institution, the surety company returns to its debtor.

Depending on the circumstances, in such a situation, several issues are possible: the surety company can set up an amicable solution, in order to grant additional payment delays to the defaulting borrower. In more complex cases, a seizure of the property may be considered.

What are the advantages of a deposit?

What are the advantages of a deposit?

The deposit involves an additional cost for the buyer . In order to benefit from it, the latter must pay a guarantee fee – representing a percentage of the sum borrowed or a lump sum, as the case may be. Moreover, it pays a contribution to the mutual fund, solicited in the recovery process.

If the surety increases the real estate investment envelope, it also includes some benefits. For example, at the end of the loan, part of the payment made to the mutual fund is paid to the borrower . On average, for a deposit subscribed with Crédit Logement, 70 to 75% of the sum spent is refunded to the buyer.

Then, we note that the deposit is not a notarial act , which implies a total transparency of the fees , based only on the commission and the contribution to the mutual fund. Conversely, the purchaser having privileged the mortgage as a guarantee, will have to pay expenses not defined in advance …

Finally, the bond is not related to the property for which a loan application has been granted.

Can we reduce the cost of the deposit?

Can we reduce the cost of the deposit?

People working in the field of Education, Research and Culture can benefit from the deposit , particularly advantageous: it has a very low cost (or nonexistent), while being simple to implement. It can be solicited for projects of all kinds: purchase in the old or new, for a principal residence, secondary or a rental investment and even for the realization of work.

For buyers wishing to embark on a secure project, it is also possible to get closer to Credit Housing : all partner banks can offer this deposit to borrowers. For each client, mobilizes a team of experts gathered around the study of the file . In the event of difficulties in repaying the monthly payments, the organization takes over from the borrower and takes the necessary steps to resolve the situation: 1 out of 2 defaults resumes a normal cycle after the intervention.

More and more solicited, the deposit appears as a guarantee gradually replacing the mortgage . In the event of resale, this solution makes it possible to avoid paying the costs of mortgage release and, moreover, this initiative makes it possible to protect itself from a possible seizure, since the agencies of guarantee privilege the search for other solutions before dispossessing the buyer of his property.

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