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Mortgages – We work out!

This is the largest loan that most of us will come into contact with. The big advantage of mortgages is that it is a loan where the home becomes collateral. This means that you have to pay a very low and favorable interest rate. The real mortgage is what is actually called a mortgage loan. […]

High Interest Credit Card: 3 Ways to Pay Off Your Debt Quickly

Credit card debt can be crippling. Aside from the obvious negative effects it has on your credit score, it can also give you the feeling that you are constantly walking in a storm. Credit card interest rates are high because they are designed to dissuade users from carrying a balance on their cards. However, the […]


Loan without registration – where can I get one?

The registration obligation has been the subject of social and political discussions for several years. Since then, its legitimacy has been debated and attempts are being made to eliminate it. Unfortunately, this could not be done and this time – in 2018 the registration obligation still exists. What happens to people who do not have […]


Loan agreement – what to pay attention to the usual borrower?

The agreement on the provision of borrowed funds, which is concluded between the bank and its client, is considered the main document for each of them. After all, this agreement sets out all the conditions of the credit program, as well as everything related to the receipt and payment of the corresponding debt. Is it […]


What is loan refinancing in simple words

Lending is an affordable way to get cash on your desired purchases. Banks are willing to finance the acquisition of real estate, cars, food and lend money at interest. In this case, banking institutions may not limit the solvent borrower in lending. Therefore, a situation may arise when a client has two, three or even […]


Personal payday loans for the disabled

The personal payday loans for the disabled are promoted, the National Association of Disabled Italians, which every year stipulates agreements with credit institutions and companies that allow the disbursement of the required capital according to the possibilities of the funds allocated and the economic and personal situation applicant, by associating a reduced interest rate and […]


Bank loan 100% online

The beginning of this partnership was in December 2016, with the purpose of offering clients not only one more partner to increase the chances of receiving a possible credit approval, but also to provide the best loan conditions in addition to all the security of Bank . Bank loan 100% online You simulate the value […]


Real estate loan: what is a bond company for?

To benefit from a bank loan, it is essential to be able to justify its solvency. Even before validating your loan application, the bank will ask several questions: that of your contribution, your level of resources, but also that of your available income each month. And to ensure that you can repay your monthly payments, […]